The Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP), is a secure, web-based electronic payment and information system that allows federal agencies to administer funds. The system allows for streamlined operations at no charge to federal agencies and their recipients.

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Who uses the tool

ASAP users include NIFA staff who administer authorization of grant funds and NIFA grant recipient organizations that draw from pre-authorized accounts to fund projects.

How to use the tool

Grantees must be enrolled in ASAP in order to receive NIFA grant funds. To enroll, link to the enrollment section of the ASAP website. Once a grantee is actively enrolled in the ASAP system, NIFA’s Financial Operations division sets up an account. After account setup, ASAP allows awardees to draw down funds from accounts that are pre-authorized by NIFA.

Awardees that have completed the account set-up process but do not see the account listed for their NIFA award should contact ASAP Customer Service at (202) 401-4527 or email

Point of Contact: or ASAP Customer Service Number, Kansas City Financial Center at (855) 868-0151