The Research, Education, and Economics Information System (REEIS) provides information on NIFA’s research, education, and extension programs as well as those of other USDA partner organizations. REEIS imports, aggregates, and stores data about research, education, and extension from a variety of sources. Users can access information through data marts, collections of data targeted to a specific purpose and/or audience. The system provides a means for data retrieval across federal programs to enable efficient analysis, management, and evaluation of programs. The ultimate objective of the system is to enable users to measure the impact and effectiveness of research, extension and education programs.

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Who uses the tool

NIFA’s primary audience for REEIS includes the agency’s partner organizations, primarily Land-Grant Universities, and internal NIFA staff. REEIS is accessible to the public with no registration required.

How to use the tool

REEIS provides user-friendly tools to obtain data including tabular and graphical reports, data downloads, text searches, and links to related websites.  Links on the website’s navigation bar provide access to reports and data.  Visit for an overview of the tool’s organization and capabilities.