NIFA Supports Disaster Education through EDEN

USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) supports disaster education through the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN).

'Functional Ice' Shows Food Industry How to Keep Cool and Reduce Loss

Over 133 billion pounds of food per year is lost due to waste at different stages in the farm-to-fork continuum.

Resource Management in Commercial Greenhouse Production

Across the country, controlled environments make year-round agriculture possible.





Genetic Search Reveals Key to Resistance in Cotton Pest

Researchers have pinpointed a dominant genetic mutation that makes cotton bollworms resistant to genetically engineered cotton.

Capacity Funding Power

NIFA released a new report that measures the effectiveness of its investments to our nation’s land-grant universities — investments that benefit the American public through agriculture and food research, extension, and education projects.

Urban Farm in Arizona

Tucson Village Farm (TVF) is a working urban farm built by and for the youth of Pima County, Arizona. A 4-H program from the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, TVF is a seed-to-table program that reconnects young people to a healthy food system, teaches them how to grow and prepare fresh food, food budgeting, and empowers them to make healthy life choices.