Bees Interrupted

Michigan is home to 465 bee species, and each one plays a role in the states’ ecosystems. During a 15-year study of wild bees visiting blueberry fields during their blooming season, researchers caught an unexpected glimpse of how extreme weather events can impact bee populations.

Powering Up Stretchy Technology

A Michigan State University (MSU) research team has developed a new “4D printing” approach to help power stretchable devices. The researchers led by MSU’s Changyong Cao has created stretchable energy-storage devices using a specialized printing technology, innovative materials. The work is designed to impact applications in wearable technology.






Plant Chemicals are a Trick or Treat for Insects

Plants contain a mixture of hundreds of unique chemicals that can attract or repel pests like caterpillars.

Specialty Crop Farmers Can Increase Yields Through Improved Pollination

Most of the world’s crops depend on bees and other insects for pollination, so the decline in honey bees and wild bee populations raises concerns about food security. Crop yields for apples, cherries, and blueberries across the United States are being reduced.

Monarch Research Takes Flight in a Social Distancing World

Launching a research project is typically a multi-step, drawn-out creative process.