NIFA Supports Disaster Education through EDEN

USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) supports disaster education through the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN).

Minimize Food Waste and Maximize Food Safety

Operational Technologies Corporation in San Antonio, Texas has developed a highly sensitive and specific test strip for the major foodborne pathogens. This technology significantly reduces the time required to test pathogens in foods from 24-72 hours to approximately 30 minutes.

'Functional Ice' Shows Food Industry How to Keep Cool and Reduce Loss

Over 133 billion pounds of food per year is lost due to waste at different stages in the farm-to-fork continuum.

Pollen Collected By U.S. Honey Bees in Urban Settings Show Dramatic Seasonal Variation

The diversity and availability of pollen foraged by honey bees across urban and suburban areas in the United States varies drastically with the seasons.

AgriLife Research Looks at Gene Expressions in Sugarcane Aphid-Resistant Sorghum

Researchers found that seedling sorghum expressed significantly more genes involved in natural plant resistance to pests than older sorghum.

Wild Wheat Relative Genes to Aid in Battle Against Trio of Pests

A team of Texas A&M Agrilife Research scientists is going high tech to fight Wheat curl mite.

Collaborative Research Sheds Light on Plants

With climate variability increasingly common, crop plants, such as corn, are frequently exposed to environmental stresses caused by drought and excess heat.