Delicious and Disease-free: Scientists Attempting New Citrus Varieties

University of California Riverside (UCR) scientists are betting an ancient solution will solve citrus growers’ biggest problem by breeding new fruits with natural resistance to a deadly tree disease.

Pacific Northwest Youth to Explore Agriculture through Virtual Reality

The pandemic has taken students out of the classroom, but middle and high-schoolers in Oregon and Washington will be able to explore agriculture through immersive experiences, including virtual reality, and other online activities. The program is made possible through a $1 million rapid-response grant from USDA-NIFA’s Agriculture and Food Research Initiative, Education and Workforce Development Program, and is one of eight projects nationwide.

Farm Biosecurity Education Goes Virtual with Discovery Learning Series

We are witnessing in real time the spread of a virulent, infectious diseases among the human population.

Supporting Veterans and Responding to Farm Stress

Farmers and ranchers across the country continue to struggle amidst the current farm crisis.

NIFA Supports Disaster Education through EDEN

USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) supports disaster education through the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN).

'Functional Ice' Shows Food Industry How to Keep Cool and Reduce Loss

Over 133 billion pounds of food per year is lost due to waste at different stages in the farm-to-fork continuum.

Video Games Offer Clues to Help Curb Animal Disease Outbreaks

As Asia and Europe battle African swine fever outbreaks, University of Vermont (UVM) research shows how farmers’ risk attitudes affect the spread of infectious animal diseases and offers a first-of-its kind model for testing disease control and prevention strategies.

Plastic Water Bottles May One Day Fly People Cross-Country

A research group led by Washington State University scientists has found a way to turn daily plastic waste products into jet fuel.