Harmful Dyes in Lakes, Rivers Can Become Colorless with New, Sponge-Like Material

A team led by the University of Washington has created an environmentally friendly way to remove color from dyes in water in a matter of seconds.

Cross-Laminated Timber Development

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) are massive building panels can be manufactured with lumber from thin trees that are susceptible to pest outbreaks and pose catastrophic fire threats. CLT can allow faster construction and is beginning to revive local economies in the Northwest.

WSU Researchers Test Nanocrystals to Prevent Frost Damage in Tree Fruits

Groundbreaking nanotechnology designed to protect cherries, apples and other popular fruits from frost damage is showing positive results in tests by Washington State University researchers.

April 2018 IFSN Seminar

Dr. Leslie Cunningham-Sabo will present a webinar titled “Considerations for Dissemination and Adoption of School-Based Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs” from 3- 4 pm Eastern on April 23, 2018.


'Smart' paper can conduct electricity, detect water

In cities and large-scale manufacturing plants, a water leak in a complicated network of pipes can take tremendous time and effort to detect, as technicians must disassemble many pieces to locate the problem. The American Water Works Association indicates that nearly a quarter million water line breaks occur each year in the U.S., costing public water utilities about $2.8 billion annually.

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