VMLRP Panelists

The Panelists section covers topics that are of interest to individuals who wish to be considered for service on either the VMLRP shortage nomination panel or the VMLRP award panel.


We are always looking for volunteer panelists ($225/day honorarium). Past awardees not reapplying are encouraged to volunteer. If you wish to be considered for volunteer service on either a VMLRP Nomination or Award panel(s), please complete the questionnaire and submit the form as an attachment by email to VMLRP.

Selection Process, Roles, and Responsibilities

The Roles of Reviewers document describes the selection process, roles, and responsibilities of volunteers who served on VMLRP “Nomination Panels” or “Award Panels” during the past program cycle.

Contact Information

For further information, contact VMLRP.